Head of the scientific and organizing committee
Domenico Alvaro, MD,
Full Professor of Gastroenterology,
Dept. of Internal Medicine and Medical Specialties,
Sapienza, University of Rome
Rome, Italy

Scientific & Organizing Committee
Domenico Alvaro, Rome, Italy (SIGE chair)
Gerardo Antonio Pio Nardone, Naples, Italy (SIGE)
Pierluigi Fracasso, Rome, Italy (ESPCG education officer)
Rudi De Bastiani (GIGA-CP), Feltre (Belluno) Italy
Juan Mendive (ESPCG chair), Barcelona, Spain
Edoardo Vincenzo Benedetto, Rende, (Cosenza) Italy (study section Digestive
Diseases in Primary Care)

The Scientific and Organizing Committee ensures that the LEE will provide a program that presents a scientifically balanced perspective of the subjects.